• To become a member of the Belgian Society of Periodontology or to renew your subscription for 2017, simply complete the on-line registration form below.

  • It is possible as a member to receive the printed version of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology for a fee of 105 €.

  • You must choose between a registration as an effective or a non-effective member.

    • To be included as a an effective member you must meet the following conditions:
      • be a dentist specialist in periodontics
      • engage actively in society by attending at least to the general meeting of members. (Attention: to be a member of the board of directors, the professional commission or the scientific committee, you must be registered as an effective member and be in order of contribution).
    • The non-effective member does not have voting rights at the general meeting, but may attend as a full member all activities of the SBP at preferential rates.
  • The mention of the address of the main office (mentioned on the registration form) is included in the fee. For each additional address, an amount of EUR 25 will be claimed in addition. This can be encoded via your account on the website.


225per year
  • Subscription +
    Clinical Periodontology Newspaper (electronic version only)
    + call + mention on the site

Spécialists F.T.T.

85per year
  • Dentists Specialists in full-time training – Subscription
    + Clinical Periodontology Newspaper (electronic version)

Dentists GP

150per year
  • Dentists GP Subscription +
    Clinical Periodontology Newspaper (electronic version)


85per year
  • Subscription