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Are you concerned about the health of your gums?

You are absolutely right because 80% of the population over 35 years of age suffer from gum disease. Ten percent of them even have severe periodontitis. Periodontitis leads to tearing of teeth, and ultimately loss of teeth. Healthy gums do not bleed and bleeding gums is also one of the first signs of the disease. If you smoke the risk of periodontitis is greatly increased. There is a simple test (a screening DPSI) performed by a dentist or periodontist to see if you suffer from gum disease.

The Belgian Society of Periodontology organizes a week of screening from 9-13 May. Make an appointment to check if your gums are healthy on

If you are unable to make an appointment during the week of May 12th, you can also ask your dentist to do a DPSI screening during a regular consultation.

Like that he/she can advise you, inform, treat and / or refer.

What is periodontology?

ART 1. M. B. July 27, 2001 The field extends to:

prevention, diagnosis, planning of treatment, and treatment of all periodontal diseases (both plaque-related and non-plaque-related, with the exception of the therapy of cancerous lesions) and this, by means of surgical / non-surgical therapy, periodontal tissue regeneration, treating cysts of periodontal origin in the gingival and alveolar region, treatment of furcation, the surgical extraction, trans-and reimplantation of teeth as well as the placement of dental implants and their abutments in the mandible and the alveolar process of the maxilla. Periodontology does not include the prosthetic rehabilitation.

ART 2. M. B. July 27, 2001 Conditions for recognition:

To be recognized and acknowledged to continue as a dental specialist in Periodontology, the candidate must:

  1. meet the common criteria for the recognition of dental specialists;
  2.  have received specific training of at least three years in which the knowledge and skills acquired during basic training to dentists are deepened, and which acquire additional knowledge and skills in well-defined areas (see M. B.)

What is periodontitis?

bacterial infectious disease in which the supporting tissue of the teeth is aborted

In Belgium, more than 40% of people over age 35 one or more “pockets” (Lambert et al, 2003)

Healthy Gingivitis Periodontitis
Rx status


Categorie A

Categorie B

Categorie C

DPSI 0, 1, 2


DPSI 3+, 4

No further examination required

Further periodontal examination

Periodontal chart
Local x-ray
Treatment plan

Periodontal chart
x-ray status
treatment plan

Oral hygiene
Remove (supragingival) calculus

Oral hygiene
Remove calculus (supragingival-subgingival)

Oral hygiene
Remove Calculus

symptoms Periodontitis

  • bleeding gums, swelling, pus
  • breath odor ( “halitosis”, “Halitosis”)
  • receding gums
  • loosening of teeth / tooth loss


  • socio-economic impact
  • loss of teeth
  • loss of supporting tissue complicates prosthetic restoration
  • breath odor
  • more expensive prosthetic restoration

increasing evidence for impact on

  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • prematurity / low birth weight


Screening: Dutch Periodontal Screening Index (usually in the first line)

Categorie A Categorie B Categorie C
DPSI 0, 1, 2 DPSI 3- DPSI 3+, 4

Further Periodontal examination( with dspi 3+ and  4)

initial (non-surgical)

  • removal of bacterial plaque / calculus from the root surface
  • individualized oral hygiene instruction


Removal of deep pockets regeneration of lost bone in certain specific cases
By ressection


  • removing plaque /calculus not only supragingival but also subgingival cleaning/ inspection during recall
  • Follow up through periodontal charting
  • regular X-ray control
  • follow-up of oral hygiene and regular instructions

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